Embrace Me! - "I WILL NOT leave you as Orphans, I WILL come to you" Jn 14:18

 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                                                    
             ABOUT ADOPTION:  
   These questions are asked and answered on the Focus on the Family website link with icareaboutorphans.org.

1.  Are all adoptions really expensive?
2.  How long does an adoption take?
3.  Will the government always be watching over my shoulder?
4.  How will an adopted child affect my biological children?
5.  Will I love an adopted child as much as a biological child?
6.  Can the birth parents come back and take the child?
7.  Don't all kids in foster care have lots of problems?
8.  How do I learn more about intercountry adoption?

These questions are asked and answered from the "Wait No More" initiative and will be addressed at the workshop:
1.  What is adoption?

2.  What is the difference between:  
  a) agency adoption  
  b) independent adoption 
  c) intercountry adoption

3.  About the children --
 See pictures of children waiting to be  
 adopted at www.cakidsconnection.com 

4.  How do I adopt a child from Foster Care?

5.  What ages of children are available?

6.  How much will it cost to adopt?

7.  Is there financial assistance provided once adoption is final?

8.  Will I have to quit my job if I want to adopt or foster?

9.  May I adopt if I live in an apartment and not a homeowner?

10.  May single persons adopt?

11.  I'm over 40.  Am I too old?

12.  How long will it take to adopt a child?

13.  What is the difference between adoption and guardianship?

14.  What services are available to help families after placement?