Embrace Me! - "I WILL NOT leave you as Orphans, I WILL come to you" Jn 14:18
All surface and appliances are clean and in working order
All open food in refrigerator and freezer is to be covered with plastic (aluminum foil may not be used)
There is a week's supply of food for the family
Trash can is covered with a lid
All cleaning supplies are stored out of child's reach and locked 
Fire extinguisher is ABC type and in a visible area near the kitchen
Fire extinguisher is in charged condition (green area)
Sharp utensils and knives are stored out of child's reach and locked
Scissors are stored out of child's reach
Appliance cords are out of child's reach
There are safety plugs on all outlets (*10 year old placement and under)    
All kitchen cabinets & drawers were checked; Matches are kept out of child's reach; Alcohol must be stored out of child's reach and locked; All refrigerated medications must be in a locked container.

There are safety plugs on all outlets; Lamp cords are not in a traffic area; There is an area for children to play and feel comfortable; There are decals on sliding glass doors at children's eye level (indicating that it's a door and not an open space); Fireplace and open-faced heaters have screens; Matches, lighters & other fire hazards are stored out of child's reach (i.e. candles in use); Smoke detectors in living/family room tested and fully functional.

Faucets have hot water on the left and cold water on the right.  If reversed, then faucets are labeled accordingly;
Showers and tubs are clean; hardware handles work;
Toilets flush completely; Medicine chests are free of medicines and toxins; All medicine including vitamins are locked in a box or cabinet and stored up out of reach; traffic pattern and stairways are free of clutter;

There are no more than 4 children per room 
Each child has his/her own bed
Children of different sexes who are 8 yrs or older may not share a room; Screens and windows are in place and in good repair
There is adequate lighting; Guardrails are in place on bunk beds, children 5 sleep on bottom (bunk beds discouraged); If trundle beds are used, foster child is to sleep on top bed or beds are to be separated; Beds are to have 2 sheets, blanket, comforter & pillow; There is a plastic cover on the mattress for infant and toddlers, Storage space includes at least 3 drawers per child; Carbon monoxide detector is located near the bedrooms and is fully operational; Fire escape ladder is stored in an accessible place for 2-story home; There is a child gate at the top of the stairs and at the bottom of the stairs of 2-story home for children under 3; Stair railings are less than 5" apart; If more than 5" then a net is required.

All tools and equipment are to be safely stored; All paints, thinner, gasoline and other flammable items are to be safetly stored on high shelves and in appropriate containers; If water heater is not self-insulated, it must be insulated or wrapped in a "blanket" or be in a latched cabinet; Water temperature is not to exceed 120 degrees; A free-standing freezer is to be locked; A refrigerator/freezer combo may be secured with Velcro; There is adequate lighting; If machine/dryer are in garage, detergents & bleaches are to be on high shelves.

Front & back yards are to be free of clutter and hazards, including porches; Fences are to be in good repair; Gates are to have secure latches; Pets are to have designated areas separated from the children as needed; Jacuzzi is covered and locked; Pool is to be enclosed with a 5' fence and self-closing gate and locked; Fishponds and fountains are to be fenced (5') or be filled with rocks or drained; There is to be no standing water; Outside trash cans are to have fitted lids

First Aid kit is complete and easily accessible and include: manual, sterile dressings, bandages and/or tape, thermometer, adhesive tape, antiseptic solution; Guns are unloaded, locked in storage cabinet; Ammunition is stored separately, locked; Car seats are in working order and always in the back seat; Disaster plan is posted and includes location of water, electric & gas shut-offs; security bars have safety releases; supply of batteries designated for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitor only.