Embrace Me! - "I WILL NOT leave you as Orphans, I WILL come to you" Jn 14:18

                Individuals, Families or Small Groups can Embrace a Child! 
  WELCOME BASKETS are needed for each age/gender from birth to 18 years old
  CHURCH CAMP is great when you can afford it - sponsor a child or children
  SPORTS is very therapeutic for children to get fresh air and exercise - you can         participate in their sport as a fan that goes to see them play or sponsor a sport:) 
 SUMMER PROGRAM helps children continue learning while having fun!
 SCHOOL BREAKS can be difficult for foster parents who work full-time.  Who will care for the children while they are on Spring or Winter Break?  You can help!
 EXTRA-CURRICULAR Activities like gymnastics, music lessons, etc are so helpful
 for children in care
 LIFELONG CONNECTION - Especially with teens or youth - someone who cares and can pour into their vulnerable lives by bringing confidence and structure
 BIRTHDAY - You can do a one-time gift, annual or help plan a party!
 ADOPTION CELEBRATION - Adoptive parents want to do something special for their child like rent a jumper, throw a party -- you can donate or help decorate or contribute toward a special gift for their adoption:)  
HOLIDAY CELEBRATION - Holidays can be difficult when children miss their biological family the most -- a gift or special event can help a child get through this difficult time.

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