Embrace Me! - "I WILL NOT leave you as Orphans, I WILL come to you" Jn 14:18
        I Want to Help the Organization!
___ With Information Packets:

We provide Information Packets to families inquiring about Adoption & Foster Care.  The resources we use are from "Hope For Orphans."  We do In-Home private consultations as well as hold monthly Group Informational Meetings were we explain the 4 Ways to Adopt & the 8 Steps to Adoption, along with the 10 Ways to help a child in need of Adoption and/or Foster Care.
___ With Support Groups
We provide ongoing support groups for those on the journey of Adoption & Foster Care.  We generate Prayer & Praise Cards at our meetings.  Our session begins with a Guest Speaker who shares their personal experience.  Adding the "Embrace Kids Meet" provides the children a venue to interact with other adopted/foster children and to have fun:)
___ With Wrap-Around Services 
It takes a village to raise a child!  We provide meals, childcare, respite care, gift toys/books/furniture/clothing, counseling services, fellowships so every family knows they are not doing this alone!  We have fun doing Fundraisers for Families, provide CPR classes, etc.
___  Sibling Needs!  Some of our families have other children in the home who have needs also. 
___ Medical Needs!  Some of our families have the  "heart" to adopt but can't afford things like medical care, doctor visits, medications. 
___  Home Needs!  Home inspection requirements such as adding a fence around a pool, adding a door to a loft, medicine cabinet locks.
___  Child Needs!  Our families need to buy car seats, furniture such as bassinettes, cribs, playpens, the list goes on and on! lol

___ Family Adjustment Services to assist a child transition into their new home and family.
___ Family Preservation Services provides wrap around services to children for a better understanding of what it means to be adopted.
___  Family Dedication Services provides a child with a special event where the community surrounds the child by endorsing their adoption.  
___  CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is a program whereby Youth in Foster Care are mentored.  It requires a 12-18 month commitment and a 10 hour a month investment visiting with a youth, along with the option of holding their Educational Rights.
___  CBY - College Bound Youth is a yearly event where we Embrace CBY by providing them with Dorm Essentials, gift cards, an event to congratulate them on their choice of Higher Education!
___  DO SOMETHING is an organization that catapults Youth off the couch and into the Community to take a cause and bring about Social change.  Theater Productions, Voice Fast, Social Media posting for kids waiting to be adopted are some of our events!
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